Faculty and Research Staff

Dr. Craig Clements

Dr. Craig Clements

Dr. Craig Clements

Director and Associate Professor

Email: craig.clements[at]sjsu.edu

Office: DH801

Phone: 408-924-1677

CV [Link]

Graduate Students


Taylor Aydell

Graduate Research Assistant

B.S. Atmospheric Science, Monroe State University, 2018.

Taylor joined the lab to study microphysics of wildfire plumes using Ka-band dual-pol radar.

Christel Bennese

B.S. Meteorology, University of Hawaii, 2012.



Matthew Brewer

B.S. Atmospheric Science, SUNY-Albany, 2018

Research: Ka-Band Radar observations of wildfire plume dynamics


Heather Kane

Graduate Research Assistant

B.S. Earth System Science, UC Irvine, 2015.

Studying fire weather conditions of the Thomas Fire using WRF-SFIRE. 

Dianne Hall

Dianne is a Masters student in the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at San Jose State University. Her current area of research is to better understand fire-atmosphere interactions in complex terrain to improve firefighter safety. 

Dianne was awarded the International Association of Fire Safety Science (IAFSS) best student paper Raleigh IAWF 4th Fire Behavior and Fuels conference 2013 and was awarded the 2012 IAWF Graduate Student Scholarship.

Dianne Hall

Dianne Hall

Scott Purdy

Scott is an avid surfer and joined the lab in 2018. Scott is studying Meteorological aspects of fire danger in northern California.

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Undergraduate Research Assistants


Maritza Arreola Amaya


Liliana Chicas


Melissa Gonzalez-Fuentes




Jackson Yip


Jon on a climb of Mt. Dana, Yosemite.

Jon on a climb of Mt. Dana, Yosemite.

Bruno Rodriguez, M.S. 2018

Meteorologist, National Weather Service, San Diego WFO.

B.S., Atmospheric Science, Georgia Tech, 2016. 

Thesis: Airborne Doppler Radar Observations of PyroCu/Cb Plume Kinematics and Thermodynamics During the 2016 Pioneer Fire

Carrie Bowers

Carrie Bowers

Carrie Bowers, M.S. 2018

Wildfire Meteorologist at SDG&E. 

B.S. Kinesiology, San Diego State University.

Thesis: The Diablo Winds of Northern California: Climatology and Numerical Simulations


Jonathan Contezac, M.S. 2018

Meteorologist at AgWeatherNet, Washington State University  

B.S. Meteorology, Saint Cloud State University

Thesis: Micrometeorological Observations of Fire-Atmosphere Interactions and Fire Behavior on a Simple Slope


Dr. Neil Lareau,  2014-2016.

Post-Doctoral Research Associate 

Now: Assistant Professor at University of Nevada, Reno. 



Chris Camacho, M.S. 2017

Now Research Meteorologist, Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey, CA. 

B.S., Meteorology, SJSU, 2015

Thesis: Mobile Doppler LiDAR Oservations of the Convective Boundary Layer Over California.

Richard installing a 3-d sonic anemometer.

Richard installing a 3-d sonic anemometer.

Richard Bagley, M.S. 2017

Now: Meteorologist at PG&E.

B.S. Meteorology, San José State University, 2013

Thesis: Nocturnal Drying in Elevated Coastal Terrain of Central California: A Fire Weather Perspective


Matthew Lloyd, M.S. 2016

Now: Meteorologist at Army Dugway Proving Ground, Utah

B.S. Meteorology, University of Utah, 2012

Thesis: Doppler LiDAR Measurements of Boundary Layer Heights Over San Jose, California

Allison Charland

Allison Charland

Allison Charland, M.S. 2012

Now Meteorologist at PG&E. 

B.S. 2010, Meteorology, San José State University.

Thesis: Doppler Wind Lidar Observations of a Wildland Fire Plume

Daisuke Seto

Daisuke Seto

Daisuke Seto, M.S. 2012

Now at University of Canterbury, NZ Atmospheric Science PhD Program. 

Research Associate, 2012-2014. 

Thesis:Observations and Analysis of Fire-Atmosphere Interactions during Fire Front Passage

Kevin Clifford

Kevin Clifford

Kevin Clifford, M.S. 2011

Meteorologist at Pacific Gas & Electric

Thesis: WRF-Model Performance for Wind Power Forecasting in the Coast Ranges of Central California

Scott Strenfel

Scott Strenfel

Scott Strenfel, M.S. 2010

Meteorologist at Pacific Gas & Electric

Thesis: Emissions and Impacts from Prescribed Fire in a Longleaf Pine Ecosystem

Caroline Kiefer

Caroline Kiefer

Caroline Kiefer, M.S. 2010

Meteorologist at Weather Underground, Inc.

Thesis: Observed Water Vapor Enhancement in Smoke Plumes